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LeBron James is the most popular in Nba?

LeBron James is the most popular in Nba?

According to the latest ESPN Sports Poll for the first time in four years the Miami Heat player is the most popular player in the NBA.  13 percent of Nba fans said that LeBron was their favourite player.

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  1. jordan is 6-0 in the finals and didn’t need as much help as leorbn, if it wasn’t for ray allen leorbn would be 1-3 in the finals, which is pathetic, for the chosen one or self proclaimed king . He chokes in the final minutes and has done it countless times. That clip of MJ that the guy put up there is from the season where he played 26 games, no training camp, came back from retirement early. I guarantee you, you won’t be able to find another clip of mj like that while I can find countless of leorbn. He’s a great talent but he lacks a killer instinct. Jordan never had 4 players on his team that scored more then 24ppg at one point in there careers. Lebron has that now and still might lose to an old spurs team with role players that use to be bench warmers on his cavs teams.

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